Give the Gift of Backyard Birds

Note to self: Try not to panic this year!

The clock is ticking and Christmas is looming larger on the horizon, and many of us are trying hard to keep the endless hype and craziness from diminishing our true joy for the holiday season.

It is such a special time of year; a time to gather together and share the blessings of life with those that are closest to us. We see it manifested every year as customers visit our Wild Birds Unlimited stores because they want to share their passion for nature and birds with their family and friends. They understand that the gift of nature continues to bring joy to the recipient's life long after the luster of other gifts has faded.

So with that in mind, and in an honest attempt to help avoid the dreaded last minute gift buying panic, here are three of our favorite bird feeding gift recommendations for this year:

How much fun is a Buttons the Snowman Seed Cylinder?!? It adds a perfect holiday touch to any yard and is an entertaining gift for any nature lover on your list. The birds love it! Simply slide Buttons onto a festive red Tidy Cylinder Feeder and enjoy the show.

Seed cylinders are the easiest, longest-lasting way to feed your birds. Our Cranberry Seed Cylinder makes a great gift. It is packed with pecans, sunflower chips, peanuts, safflower, black oil sunflower and cranberries – everything you need to get lots of birds to visit backyards during this holiday season.

Don’t forget our BUNDLES!! Wrapped and ready to give presents are the EASIEST gifts to give! We do all of the wrapping for you and we can ship these ANYWHERE!

We highly recommend our most versatile feeder – The Flying Bistro. This feeder can be used with almost every type of bird food, so it has the greatest potential to draw in the widest variety of birds. From fruit to mealworms, and seed blends to seed cylinders, this feeder will continue to entice birds for a long time after the holiday season has come and gone.

We also have an amazing new BirdReel feeder that holds a generous amount of food, and it also uses AI in order to detect the birds that visit the feeder. It comes equipped with an HD camera, microphone, AI bird recognition, 2 liter food capacity, and it can even livestream! Talk about a perfect gift for those who have everything!!

We truly hope these suggestions make it easier to share your joy for birds and nature with the ones you love. And here’s wishing you a more relaxed and joyful holiday season!

For more information, be sure to check out the WBU Nature Centered Podcast episode, “Bird Gifts and Gift Birds.” Our entertaining and informative experts, John and Brian, will share how to have even more joy by attracting the widest variety of birds to your own backyard.