Migration Information

There are many species of birds that migrate south for the winter. When spring returns, these birds come back up north. That means we get the opportunity to see some of these birds twice a year: when they go south and when they come back. Many birds migrate because of resource/food availability and nesting site abundance. In the spring, bugs and fruit become available for the birds to consume, and there is also less competition for nesting sites.
Ebird is a fantastic resource for all levels of birders. It is a citizen science database that shows sightings of birds all over the world…And anyone can participate!
The Abundance Animation feature shows the path of these birds over the course of the year. Here are Abundance Animations from Ebird of just a few of the migratory birds you might see in your yard!

Rose-breasted Grosbeak:

Baltimore Oriole:

Summer Tanager: