Squirrel Solutions

There are many ways to keep squirrels from eating all of your bird food:

The Right Food - Hot Pepper and Safflower

If you are looking to feed just the birds without the expense of feeding squirrels, hot pepper may be the problem solver for you. We have the broadest offering of hot pepper bird food products on the market. They truly are a game-changer! Are critters stealing food from your bird feeders? Don’t give up! Give ‘em a reason to pass on by with our hot pepper bird foods, available exclusively from Wild Birds Unlimited. Birds readily eat foods containing hot pepper, but critters like squirrels, rodents and raccoons…not so much. We have Hot Pepper seed, suet, cylinders and stackables for you to feed your BIRDS!

Safflower is a small, white seed that is high in protein and fat. Many of your favorite birds, including jays, cardinals, chickadees, House Finches, doves, titmice and nuthatches, readily eat safflower, but squirrels typically do not.

On-Guard Cages

Try an On-Guard™ wire mesh cage around your existing feeders. Our On-Guard solutions are designed to allow smaller birds access but prevent squirrels (and larger birds) from reaching the food in a feeder.


Place your bird feeding setup at least 10' away from any tree or building. This keeps squirrels from jumping on top of, or onto, your feeders.


Try a pole baffle on your bird feeding setup to prevent squirrels from reaching your feeders from below. Mount the baffle 5' from the ground. You can also use a hanging baffle with your feeder tucked below it to deter squirrels from reaching your feeders from above.

Solution Feeders

We offer a variety of feeders that help you feed the birds, not squirrels.

The Eliminator™ and Fundamentals Squirrel-proof Feeders are weight-sensitive and will close off access to the food when heavier visitors sit on a perch.